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African healing dance therapy

Another portion of the Movement Therapy component of Farcia's Natural Rhythm Healing is the African Healing Dance Therapy. This is offered for women only via workshops, retreats, and special healing rituals. As a certified African Healing Dance Therapist, Farcia says her success has come from utilizing the African tradition of using the power of rhythm in her healing practices.

Throughout Africa women can find many rituals for different significant occurrences in life: from childhood to adulthood rites of passage, marriage, death, birth, harvest, rain, grief, community harmony-just to name a few. One particular ritual often requested is the cleansing ritual for women. Through song, dance, chants, and meditation women are guided to cleanse out toxins, old hurts, trauma, and pain. Farcia helps students activate their chakras in order to connect  to the elements that are within nature and our bodies. The movements are easy going, light on the joints, good for the body and are African styles of dance that have been used for thousands of years to evoke health, healing and positive living.

Farcia has a vast background in the African and African Diaspora Dance experience with Ceedo Senegalese Dance Company and Dechonte Liberian Dance Company. In Liberia, West Africa she was a student of dance from Kpele, Bassa, Kru, Vai and Geo indigenous groups. Presently, in Oakland, California she is a member of the Diamano Coura West African Dance Company.



  • Mental clarity
  • Spiritual upliftment
  • Physical rejuvenation
  • Greater self awareness
  • Reinvigorated courage
  • Reaffirmation of the feminine spirit
  • Rediscover your personal rhythm
  • Reconnection with ancestral spirits
  • Tone and shape the body
  • Refine your intuition
  • Quiet your mind, center your body, and soothe the soul
To have found you, Farcia, and to be able to study African Healing Dance and Nia with you means a dream come true.
— Gabrielle

Gabrielle with Farcia during an African Healing Dance Therapy session.


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